questions about a '92 100

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Thu Feb 24 11:51:13 EST 2005

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> > i am contemplating on buying a '92 Audi 100 w/ 2.8V6.   the car has 175k 
> mi.  
> >  the top end was done 25k mi ago.  but recently the car has had rough 
> idle, 
> > lack of power, and the temp gauge wasnt reading warm, and there would be 
> no 
> > heat coming from the heater blower motor.
> That 10 psi on one bank sounds bad, but not rings or valves bad.
> My guess is it's a head gasket, even though it was recently
> replaced.  That may also be cause of the lack of heat, although
> it could be a bad thermostat, too, or a clogged heater core.

everyone else seems to think that 10 psi on each cyl in a whole bank  means  
bent valves..  the car still runs and drives, tho..   i thought bent valves 
meant a car wouldnt run?


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