More pics of the new RS4

cobram at cobram at
Thu Feb 24 20:49:05 EST 2005

 <larrycleung at> writes:

> Yeah it is. Of course, the reason it works on the test mule

Mule is the right word, Audi's "horseshoe" grills look like a Mule
harnesses.  I've heard from a couple of reputable sources that the grill
design was accentuated and kept because of the demands of the Asian
market.  Hasn't done much for the $$$$ crowd who want a high end ride
without sticking out like they have a set of steer horns on the hood.    

The horseshoe is butt ugly, IMHO, and the rear of the cars are generic
compared to the distinctive designs of previous Audi's.  

> the "startled fish look" a.k.a. someone just goosed Nemo, 
> for the entire line....


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