Oustide air temp bulb replacement

Todd Young auditodd at comcast.net
Sun Feb 27 14:25:14 EST 2005

If it's anything like the temp display in my '93 90S, it's simply a 
matter of removing the entire gage cluster, separating the temp display 
from the gage cluster and then take the temp display apart and solder in 
a new 12v white bulb. I used a 60mA 12volt bulb that here in the States 
we can purchase at the local Radio Shack.

Note that in my temp gage there were two rubbery squares on each side 
that were between the LCD and the PC board. These are conductive 
material and MUST be kept in the proper orientation to ensure the unit 
will still work when you put it all back together.

Have fun.
Todd Young

iain.atkinson at tesco.net wrote:
> Folks
> just wondered if any of you genius's out there had replaced the bulb on the outside air temp dosplay (patient is an UrS4), dealer tells me that it's a new unit at £105gbp, ouch no way. I can still see the temp displayed during the day but not at night.
> Thanks
> Iain

Todd Young

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