2.7T v 4.2 A6

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 18:42:51 EST 2005

Back to the original topic- IMHO, the choice between a 2.7T and a 4.2
centers upon two things:
1. Do you require a manual transmission?
2. Do you plan on modifying the car?

If you require a manual transmission, then you have to get a 2.7T, as
there is no manual offered in north America for the A6 4.2 and I don't
know if they ever offered one for the 4.2 elsewhere (I think they did
at least in S. Africa).

I've driven both, as well as the allroad. If you plan on keeping the
car stock and don't need a manual, I think the 4.2 is a better car-
more of a instant torquey feel to the power delivery, better looking
(IMHO), comes pretty much fully loaded as opposed to the 2.7. Also, I
would recommend strongly the sport package cars for either version-
the regular suspension is too soft and the car really needs 17" wheels
and fairly wide rubber. I also think in the long-term, the 4.2 will be
less trouble-prone- the 2.7T engine is known to be somewhat
problematic with regard to turbo failure and the like. That was the
major reason why I'm not driving a S4tt Avant right now.

If you plan on modifying the car for big power, though, then you have
to get the 2.7T- with RS4 bits, you can easily attain 420hp with this
car. Can't do that with the 4.2, unless you swap in a RS6 powerplant.

Heck, a chipped 2.7T can run away from any of the I-5s until you start
RS2ing the cars.

I hope that helps.


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