Some ('98) A6 Quattro questions, incl. changing from U.S. speedo to CAN

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Tue Jan 4 21:39:57 EST 2005

Bart:  This an I-5?  just kidding.............Answers (ideas) below
-Scott by BOSTON 99 A6 Avant

> From: Barton Oleksy 
> I recently acquired a 1998 A6 Quattro Wagon from Wisconsin (thanks to 
> lister Doug Y.!) and had it shipped to me here in Canada. 
> 2.  I get the "OIL" message flashing for a minute after startup, which 
> according to the owner's manual means that the car thinks it's ready for 
> an oil change.  What's the magic to resetting that so I don't keep 
> getting the "OIL" message after I do the change?  My local mechanic said 
> he can reset it for me, but I'd like to know how on my own.

Rosstech / VAG Com can do this it requires you to buy their software and 
wires and own a laptop.  I'll do the process at this week.
> 3.  There's a button I can't find anything about in the manual - it's on 
> the driver's side on the pillar between the front and back seats. 
> Doesn't seem to do anything when I press it, but I'm definitely curious 
> about it.

Square and under the seat belt roll?
Its part of the alarm system it deactivates the interior sensor so someone 
can put their hand into your car and remove the stereo.  OR you can leave your 
dog in the car parked (with the windows cracked.)
> 4.  Climate control system seems to work fine everywhere *except* the 
> lower driver's side, on the legs.  There I get a slight draft, which is 
> quite noticeable at highway speeds (and quite cold after a few 
> minutes!).  Is there something I can check fairly easily on that, or 
> should I leave that for a mechanic?  I'm not experienced with doing much 
> of my own repairs, but I'm willing to give some of the easier things a shot.

I bet the vent duct is knock off under the console or the draft by the 
steering column is greater that the heat coming out of it.  You're not wearing a 
Kilt are you?  :-)
> 5.  Cup holders.    Any suggestions on 
> add-on cup holders for this year/model?  If you have two I just shove a 
> small drink between the e-brake and the seat.  Or the seat cushion and the door.

I see "J" bracket holder at auto part stores where you can hang them from the 
window on the door for extra refreshment "depth"

Thanks for any and all responses!
> Bart

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