German Cupholders

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Wed Jan 5 14:08:22 EST 2005

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 23:08, tom winter wrote:
> on 1/5/05 11:01 AM, Dan DiBiase at d_dibiase at wrote:
> > --- William Magliocco <magliocc at> wrote:
> >> Nor do they (Germans) appear to sell "super big gulps"
> >> or similiar behemoth sized beverages.  My '98 Jettas
> >> strain with a 20 oz. bottle.
> >>
> >> OAC-my '93 100 has cupholders which again are too
> >> small for US beverages sold at c-stores.  Also, they
> >> are placed in a position that does not favor the
> >> driver (towards rear of center console).
> >
> > Could be worse, Bill, have you seen the pop-out cupholders in the dash of
> > the A4's?
> Yeah, but the design of the '86 4000 that I used to own was perfect. I
> could slide a travel mug between the driver's seat and the ebrake. Fit
> perfectly and held in place by the seat! Unfortunately my 5000 doesn't have
> the same feature, so I use a nalgene bottle, keeping it closed tightly so
> it can roll around and not spill when it isn't clenched between my legs!
> LOL!

This is one of the only reasons I keep my 4k.
That, and the fact that telephone poles keep crushing my cars.

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