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Hi Tihol,

I'd start with checking the O2 sensor and then the coolant temp sensor.


On Wed, 05 Jan 2005 14:12:43 -0800, tihol tiholov
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> Sorry for LAC but since this is the most helpful and knowledgeable list
> I'll ask:
> 1999 VW NBeetle 2.0 AEH engine, 220K km, starts cold fine, idles
> smoothly for 2-3 minutes, idle gets lumpier after that.
> (LAC - my 1988 90Q NG does the same)
> Main issues with the VW (the Audi is fine under throttle):
> 1. Misfiring when given throttle, clearing up with throttle play
> (consecutive push-releases)
> 2. Misfiring under load, esp. 2-2.5K RPM when moving from standstill and
> accellerating in 2nd gear
> 3. A couple of days ago barely made it up a mountain with downshifting
> and fiddling with the throttle.
> This has been getting progressively worse over the last couple of
> months.  DT Codes for random misfiring and cyl. 1 and 3 misfiring with
> VAG-COM.  Sparkplugs are 20K or so, looked good, last night new ign.
> wires.
> First Suspect: vacuum leak, but was one was fixed a few months ago and
> no code for it.  Propane torch test - no results, maybe needs repeating.
>  Hearing test for sucktion noises - inconclusive.
> Second and third suspects: Coil/ignition module (distributorless
> ignition) and MAF. No codes for either.  Is there a way to measure some
> values with a multimeter and find out if they are good?
> Have a Bentley for the car but it's a service manual, no repair
> procedures.
> All ideas much appreciated.
> TIA,
> Tihol
> TT
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