Would alternator from '85 4kq fit an '87 4kq?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sat Jan 8 16:59:24 EST 2005

> I still have not figured out the charging problem in my '87 4kq - now it's
> not charging at all, but the dash indicator lights come on normally with key
> ON but engine OFF.

> However, the slip rings are pretty grooved, so that could be (contributing
> to) the problem, so I might need to fix that too.

Could be a big part of your problem, yes.

> A lister has a fairly new alt that he put on his '85 4kq at a decent price -
> good enough for me to just buy it and try to see if that cures the problem,
> but I need to know if it will fit my '87 4kq (the Audi part numbers are
> different on the Parts Connection Catalog).

It should fit.

Huw Powell



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