oil seporater for crankcase breather

Bob bob at audisport.com
Sat Jan 8 21:22:10 EST 2005

I use a moroso catch can from Summit. Its consists of a can with a drain 
at the bottom, a series of chambers inside and a filter on top. Im not 
sure how bad for the environment is, no actual oil vapor comes out of 
the filter... if it does its not with any significance, the filter is 
still pure white after many many miles.  Also never had a problem with 
passing emissions with it, and I just went through a few months ago.
My 2 cents.

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> David Glubrecht wrote:
>> I know the seporater is built into the valve cover on most vehicles 
>> including most VW Audi's, however I do not see a breather hose on my 
>> 90 90 20v.
>> Is it built in to the metal hose where the breather hooks to the 
>> block, or in the metal piece pressed into the block?
> Some VWs had a plastic box with squiggly bits for oil vapor to 
> collect/condense on, but no Audi model that I know of has one 
> built-in, save racers/rally cars; Scott Justasson mentioned a car he 
> crewed(crews?) for came with an 'official' Audi Sport air/oil separator.
> Most cars have a copper squiggle in the upper part of the tube that is 
> referred to as a flame arrestor in the parts catalog and Bentley, 
> although I don't think anyone has ever figured out how exactly one 
> would get flame near there..it'd take a serious backfire...
> If anyone knows of a true separator, I'm all ears- most of the stuff 
> available consists of catch cans, which aren't the same thing- and 
> worse, vent to the atmosphere, which is very bad for the environment 
> (not to mention, makes you fail emissions AND makes a mess of the 
> engine compartment).  A separator would be a blessing on the turbo 
> cars as they tend to blow enough oil out the breather system to gum up 
> the ISV, coat the intercooler, cause various rubber intake hoses to 
> fail prematurely, etc.
> Best I've been able to find was one designed for airplanes, complete 
> with return line for returning oil to the crank...but they were 
> extremely unresponsive regarding automotive applications, and the 
> orientation was completely wrong (inlet up top, exit down below; 
> opposite of what's needed for the Audi breather system layout.
> Brett

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