MFTS and thermostat Q: Gauge not reading temp but HEAT

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Mon Jan 10 23:04:53 EST 2005

So I suspected the MFTS because of 1.3 bar max on the 200 20V.
Now this winter heat is cool while driving but warm when stopped.

Here are the symptoms:

Replaced MFTS in summer 04 and noted no change in low or no temp reading on 
Cleaned the contacts, MFTS boot held water but now torn.
(In other words) it still acted like the old MFTS did.  1/4 on temp gauge at 
highway speeds in summer, always running cool except in traffic.

Summer: Drive car, temp rises to 1/4
Winter:  If its sits idling, temp will creep to just past1/2 mark and 
radiator fan comes on.
 Driving in cold - 20 degrees ambient temp - needle buried in cold reading.
Stop: like at rest area, temp gauge slowly creeps up.

Cabin heat:  Little or none, except I've always run it on Economy setting, 
temps in the MID 70's........yesterday I used the Bi-Level setting and MAJOR 
heat arrived instantly from the dash vents even with the temp gauge near the 
minimum gauge reading.

Q:  Is the coolant level low or is it the MFTS is still outta whack?

TIA - Scott by BOSTON

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