intermittent temp gauge

Richard van der Hoff quattro at
Tue Jan 11 06:51:21 EST 2005

Kent McLean wrote:
> "Alan Lubow" <alosteo at> wrote:
>>I've noticed the temperature gauge only works intermittently.  
> Then it's definitely electrical and not a cooling system problem.  
> I'd look first at the temperature sensor on the engine.  If your
> V6 has a multi-function temperature sensor, then I'd say 90% 
> sure that's the problem. Also check for corroded connections
> and broken wires at the MFTS.  The problem could also be at
> the other end -- the gauge (same issues).  And it could be a 
> break in the wire somewhere between the MFTS and the gauge.

When I had exactly this problem on my type 89, it turned out that the
nuts holding the temperature gauge to the PCB in the dash had worked
loose. Tightening them solved the problem.



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