CIS tuning

jesper moreau at
Tue Jan 11 14:19:47 EST 2005

As I posted before I am trying to tune my freshly rebuilt car.
an 88 5KTQ
the car seems .... well it is running rather rich (my nose tells me
so) so I have no technical info   on how rich.
it is rought running under 1800 RPM
it won't idle at standard idle
I turned the idle adjustment screw on the TB out a couple turns but so
far that is not enough to get it to idle.
I am running a 272 cam. (new to me)
should I turn out the screw a bit more?
should I adjust the 3 mm adj. screw on the fuel plate where the fuel
distributer is?
are there any other adjustments I can make?
after all of my checking for air leaks prior to initial start up,
could there possibly be a leak?
and at 1800 to 2000 rpm i hear a miss.... ready to laugh.... it sounds like this


heh if that makes any sense....
I have new W4DPO bosch platin race plugs
new wires cap and rotor
new injectors 

heck, if you want to see everything I did to my

I appreciate any help
Jesper Moreau
'88 5KTQ rocket
'86 5KTQ stocket

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