type44 rough start and rough idle when cold.. CO off? any

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Wed Jan 12 22:09:21 EST 2005

> In a message dated 1/12/05 9:20:09 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> syljay at optonline.net writes:
> > Arcing inside the distributor cap. In the mornings, when its cool and
> > condensation encourages the arcing.
> > The plugs are not firing all the time, and/or crossfiring.
> > Once the moisture dries off, the motor runs fine for the rest of the
> > Read more here:
> > http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/quattro/2004-April/090402.html
> >
> >
> >
> i highly doubt thats my problem, as it was doing it on 90 degree mornings
> this past summer, but i'll check the dist cap anyway. also you said you
> it up and it ran fine..
**** Sometimes it did start up. But not always. Read the whole report.
 well, i start mine up and it idles like crap. its not
> the same prob as you described above..   any more ideas?
**** Assume nothing!
Is this an intermittant problem? Does the car ever start ok? Under what
Vacuum leak that closes after a warmup?
Have you checked your plugs?  Lean or rich mixture?

Try spraying starter fluid thru one of those bonnet yellow plugged nipples
while the engine is running rough. If it clears up, then its a fuel related
Propane can be used also.

You want to isolate the problem to either fuel or ignition system.

How old are the ignition parts? cap, wiring, plugs? If these are due for a
change, change them now and remove that area from suspicion.

I see you have a turbo. Thats a bit out of my league. Turbo engines have a
host of other issues to check out, most having to do with vacuum leaks.


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