returnof the I-5

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Thu Jan 13 07:32:44 EST 2005

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>Until last month, I was a VW parts guy  (now with Subaru, 
>but that has nothing to do with the subject.)  As I 
>understand it, the 2.0 L  4 is going away, and that new 2.5L
>inline 5 is the new base motor in the A5 platform ( Golf & Jetta)  If I remember correctly, there was a writeup on the 
>Jetta V on www.vwvortex maybe around early December 
>that discussed some of the details of this engine.  Fives 
>have had some other sucess since Audi abandoned them.  
>Volvo, for a while, then more recently the Mercedes/ 
>Freightliner/ Dodge Sprinter diesel is a 5, and just last
>GM "discovered" an engine between a 4 and a 6 and put it 
>in their Colorado / Canyon trucks.  OK, who did I miss?
>Calvin Krug
>(still driving a five)
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Plus Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, and of course and most importantly Passat 
( With all allu 2.5 TDI 
20V, FSI , CVVT and 185 HP/450 Nm, well sure Audi is going to be sorry 
for dumping I5 line.


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