type44 rough start and rough idle when cold.. CO off?

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Thu Jan 13 14:33:37 EST 2005

> From: "Chris Dyer" <chrisdyer at hotmail.com>

Then, go bonkers in the engine bay w/ all
> the electrical connectors you can find--detatch, clean, lube, re-attach.
> Cover any bare wire, zip tie any wires touching something they're not
> supposed to (hot engine block, turbo, etc.).  Takes 15 minutes. My car
> so well, prolly since new. Ned (?) at Intended Acceleration also mentions
> this "secret" fix.
**** Excellent point. I forgot all about this.
I use "Stabilant"   http://www.stabilant.com/  on all my electrical
contacts, after cleaning them. "Stabilant" is expensive as hell, but a
little goes a long long way and it lasts forever on the contacts.
I also use dielectric grease on all connections to prevent oxidation and
moisture penetration.

House wiring, that 14-2 , 3 conductor cable is an excellent source for tie
offs and standoffs. Strip out the black and white wires and use them to
space wires, hold down wires, etc.
12-2 cable is better for heavier duty tasks.
These wires are more versatile than duct tape!

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