Audi Electrical Terminal Assortment Kits

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Sat Jan 15 12:53:55 EST 2005

I've noticed the same thing, although I have seen terminal assortment kits
for Chrysler and Ford vehicles, but none for Audis, for example:

For small quantities of various terminals, "build your own collection", Radio Shack is still pretty good, esp. if you have one nearby.  For
$50 or $60 you could assemble your own kit that's better suited to what you're doing than some of the generic kits I've seen by 3M, et. al.:

I found an interesting supplier of switches (also solenoids, etc.):

And even more switches.  I was interested in these because in some cases they can be adapted to fix things like stereo pushbuttons:

And an old favorite for electronics miscellania (not necessarily automotive):

Alex Kowalski
'87 5KCSTQ

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> Subject: Audi electrical terminal assortment kits.
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> I've often thought it would be nice to repair an electrical connector
> by using new terminals rather than buying terminals pre-spliced
> onto yellow wire. In my old Audi Standard Parts microfiche, I found
> two or three kits in plastic bin boxes but my dealer couldn't
> seem to do anything with the part numbers which are
> 000 097 011, 000 097 011A and 000 097 012.
> Does anyone know whether Audi still supplies terminal repair
> kits to its dealers or know of a good source of such kits geared
> to German cars. Most of what's out there are just assortments
> of the garden variety ring terminals and spade terminals.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> DeWitt Harrison
> '88 5ktq

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