Bad Puppy post mortem

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Interesting.  I was just fiddling with the blower motor on the V8.  I
had the cooling hose removed and was spraying WD40 in there.  I also
pushed down on the brush tower, a little too much it turned out.  This
caused the blower motor to stop and there was some sparking and smoke.
I turned off the ignition and corrected my "adjustment" and it was
fine, and is running very well now as a matter of fact.  Anyway, I
wonder if your blower motor had been recently treated in a similar
manner or if it could have just built up enough crud to cause a
similar problem without any help.


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> I had a chance to talk with Michael, who was driving "Bad Puppy"
> she caught fire.  He smelled smoke and pulled to the side of the
> The smoke was coming from under the hood, from the plastic (plenum
> cover) next to the fuse box.  Michael thought the rear defroster
> the fire, since he had just turned the defroster on a few minutes
> earlier, he'd never used the defroster before, and the car hard been
> running fine for a new weeks.
> After the fire, he and a friend had a chance to checked it out. The
> seemed to be centered under the plastic plenum cover.  His new/final
> guess is that the heater blower motor was the cause. The bearing
> been making noises, but that's what is electrical and obvious under
> plenum cover. Since the car had electrical issues (e.g., 2 year old
> radio wasn't working) under the dash, it could have been something
> But the best guess is an electrical short under the plenum or dash.
> He also said, the fuel lines were fine, so they weren't the cause.
> HTH you make the effort to double check things when you have an
> electrical issue under the dash or plenum.
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> Kent
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