Bad Puppy post mortem

Larry Leung larrycleung at
Sun Jan 16 18:16:09 EST 2005

My guess (to go along with Ed K's) would be a siezed blower motor. The
only thing
there electrical that has the kind of draw to get some plastic to melt
and burn. In
addition, the blower motor is under the plenum, near the fuse box.
Still guessing as
to what made it sieze, without warning. (mice?)


On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 20:29:28 -0500, Kent McLean
<kentmclean at> wrote:
> I had a chance to talk with Michael, who was driving "Bad Puppy" when
> she caught fire.  He smelled smoke and pulled to the side of the road.
> The smoke was coming from under the hood, from the plastic (plenum
> cover) next to the fuse box.  Michael thought the rear defroster caused
> the fire, since he had just turned the defroster on a few minutes
> earlier, he'd never used the defroster before, and the car hard been
> running fine for a new weeks.
> After the fire, he and a friend had a chance to checked it out. The fire
> seemed to be centered under the plastic plenum cover.  His new/final
> guess is that the heater blower motor was the cause. The bearing hadn't
> been making noises, but that's what is electrical and obvious under the
> plenum cover. Since the car had electrical issues (e.g., 2 year old
> radio wasn't working) under the dash, it could have been something else.
> But the best guess is an electrical short under the plenum or dash.
> He also said, the fuel lines were fine, so they weren't the cause.
> HTH you make the effort to double check things when you have an
> electrical issue under the dash or plenum.
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