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Wow.......I'm even more confused reading this.  The info here seems to 
explain the facts, but for me it leads to a few questions.....  Not knocking the 
post, but I can see where much of the confusion comes 

The cans look the same with subtile differences and red vs green caps.  Green 
is older and becoming NLA................
7.1 and 11S are not actually the numbers on the can but relate to:
"  --Do NOT mix either 7.1 or 7.11 min "...... AND
" Here is the official word from Audi on the 7.1 and 11S compatibility."

Backwards compatible.  I need to be straightened out on this.  BACKwards 
compatible to me would be ABLE to use the NEWER synthetic in place of the OLDER 
mineral oil in older cars.

FORWARD compatible would be older stuff okay in newer / future applications 

But NOT older mineral Oil 7.1? in the newer 1990 and up (approx) synthetic 
systems needing 11S...........
as a rule/guideline unless you're stuck in the desert and need to MacGuyver 
your ride to the nearest service or die in the desert 

As a general rule of thumb (unless ATF) older cars 4000 80 / 90 5000 are 7.1F 
Green top correct?
Superceeded by synthetic 11S (Red) in all cars POST 1990-ish.
I'll bet there's something newer in the 2000 MY cars too..............

Please help me.................. -Scott by BOSTON

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Posted before, but the archives being what they are...Here is the official 
word from Audi on the 7.1 and 11S compatibility:AUDI TSB reference Bulletins 
thru 1993 (issued Oct 1994)Audi tech bulletin 48-89-T07, Nov '89 (EXACTLY 
QUOTED)"HYDRAULIC SYSTEM FLUID - NEW TYPEHydraulic system fluid has been improved as 
of M.Y. 1990New: Hydraulic Fluid, part number unchanged.This fluid is more 
temperature resistantColor: OliveOld: Hydraulic Fluid, PN 002 000Color: GreenThe 
new hydraulic fluid can be identified by the RED cap onthe containerNote: New 
and old hydraulic fluid can be mixed if 
necessary"--------------------------------------------------------------Do NOT mix either 7.1 or 7.11 mineral oil in 
audi hydraulicsystems which  call for "Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid". 
The ATFhydraulic systems are  usually identified by the metal resevoir, 
themineral oil 7.1and 7.11s  hydraulic systems are usually identified by the 
plasticresevoir. ATFapplication are usually found on the older 4000, Urq and pre84 
hydraulic  systems (USA). The 7.1 non synthetic mineral oil fluid isusually 
found in  all 1984> 1989 audi 500/200 cars (USA) The new 7.11fluid is found from 
the  factory in some M.Y. 1990 audis, and all 1991>audis.Given the better heat  
resistant characteristics of the 7.11s (syntheticmineral oil) fluid, it is  
the preferred fluid for all audi applicationsspecifying G 00 2 000 mineral  oil 
hydraulic fluid.If you have any questions regarding the application for 
yourspecific car,  please consult either your owners manual, the label onyour 
resevoir, or your  audi dealer.BCNU,<A HREF=""></A>

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