Is my '02 A4...

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Sun Jan 23 22:36:20 EST 2005

I don't know where Newton NJ is. Zumbach is in Manhattan- not
practical at all if you're living in suburban Philadelphia. Biener is
even further- Long Island, no?

I've been to:
Don Rosen, YBH, Holbert's, Cherry Hill, Huntingdon Valley, Palisades
and Jack Daniels. I would never again go to Palisades (dripped brake
fluid all over the engine compartment during brake service, dripped
brake fluid on the wheels and brake rotors, scratched the centercaps
of OEM wheels, all in one service) or Jack Daniels (got the third
degree for having a chip even though engine management had nothing to
do with the problem, PITA for scheduling, snotty service writers,
astronomical service rates) ever again. Cherry Hill and YBH are too
far and I've too little experience with to form an educated opinion
on. Huntingdon Valley was royally annoying to deal with (both sales
and service staff were poor). I would only go to Don Rosen and
Holbert's- both have treated me well (Don Rosen only after they
changed some management and radically improved).

Volkswagen is even worse, and I've been to:
Jim Wynn, Holbert's, Colonial, Langhorne, Jack Daniels, Palisades and
Joe Heidt. Now that the car is out of factory warranty, I would not go
back to any local VW dealer unless it was an emergency that my
mechanic could not accomodate, except for parts.


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