'82 Coupe, rear wheels askew

TWFAUST at aol.com TWFAUST at aol.com
Thu Jan 27 18:39:02 EST 2005

> Well, I was followed home by another Audi, this one an '82 Coupe. This was 
> lesson in buying a car in the snow. I sent it out to be cleaned and buffed. 

> The detailer pointed out to me that that the rear wheels are both moved 
> about 2" to the driver's side. He doesn't have a lift, so looking under I 
> what looks like a sway bar hanging down. It appears to be round, but could 
> be the Panhard bar? Are there any other likely causes for the wheels to 
> over?

Today I borrowed a lift and pulled the Panhard rod. I then went to a machine 
shop and bought 41" of 5/8ths square rod. Using the rod, I straightened and 
trued the Panhard with a press and vise. Being sure the Panhard was weakened, I 
tack welded the square rod into the "U" channel. That should hold it. The rear 
wheels look much better positioned. I think there may be a slight bow in the 
axle, but that can wait for Spring.

Tom Faust

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