Broken Wheel Bolts

Thu Jan 27 19:18:41 EST 2005

Any guesses as to why the bolts broke?  No. Audi bolts just seem to freeze.

Any suggestions for removing the broken off stuff?  Yes.

If you have a drill press, I recommend drilling the smallest reasonable hole 
right through the junction of the male and female threads. Then add a little 
more penetrating oil. Don't know if this really helps, but it seems to. Then 
drill as large a hole as possible, as close to center as possible in the bolt 
ends. Then use the extractor. I recommend the extractors which are short and 
have a socket head. Snap On makes these and I believe Sears is now. If you use a 
shaft type extractor and it breaks, you are then faced with drilling through 
hardened steel to insert another extractor. A little, or a lot, of heat also 

Tom Faust

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