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Fri Jan 28 00:27:11 EST 2005

In Forza Motorsport you'll be able to drive the Champion Audi RS4 and RS6
cars as seen in the speed world challenge series, as well as the R8.

It's an Xbox title, however.  Otoh, if you have 3 xboxes and 3 copies of it,
you can span it across 3 monitors for something like 150 degree field of
vision.  Note also that it runs in 5.1 audio :)

People that know what they're doing on a racetrack have beta tested it
extensively.  It aims to be more sim than game, although depending on who
you talk to you'll get varying answers.  It's probably not as simmy as GPL
or Racer.

It has the Nordschleife, btw :)

I had nothing to do with the creation of this game, but my employer did

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> Has anyone made an amazing WinTel-based computer game that 
> allows one to 
> drive an R8 around LeMans?  Sebring?  Daytona?  Spa? and so forth. 
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