radio codes

Lee Levitt lee at
Fri Jan 28 13:42:30 EST 2005

Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at> writes:

> Then explain how the dealership obtained the code for the radio
> without having the car that it came out of there, without the original
> VIN?

Um, cos they only have 12 unique codes in circulation, based on the color of
the car and the interior?


As long as only *they* know that, your radio is safe.

Reminds me of my first car, a '66 Volvo 1800S. One day I found that I could
remove the key from the ignition while the car was running.

Then I found that I could start the car by inserting a *screwdriver* in the
ignition switch and turning. 

As long as only *I* knew this, my car was safe :)


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