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To me it looks like $8000 + purchase to make it a $9500 car.
Just my .02

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> The latest in response to my response.
> Jim
> The seller wrote:
> The car actually belongs to my husband, Jose.  We have only owned the car 
> for
> about a month.  I think it may have had 2, possibly three owners before. 
> The
> car does have some modification, although I couldn't tell you what they 
> are
> myself because I am not mechanically inclined.  I would have to get in 
> touch
> with my husband and provide you with those details.  There is some minor 
> rust
> around the rear windshield, nothing major though.  The paint is not 
> perfect and
> is bubbling in some areas.  The car has not been in New Jersey until now. 
> We
> purchased the vehicle in Mass.  My husband bought this car because he 
> wanted
> to restore it to mint condition, unfortunately our financial situation has
> taken a bit of a turn and it is not going to be economically possible at 
> this
> time.  My husband is a bit of a perfectionist and wanted to restore it to 
> mint
> condition.  The car is mechanically sound, the only thing is the odometer 
> which
> stopped working as he was driving it down from Mass.  It has a/c but I 
> don't
> believe it is working.  It might be something simple.  It will need brakes 
> and a
> new hand brake.  The interior is good, there are no rips or tears in the
> leather seats.  They do show a bit of wear, but then again the car is over 
> 20
> years old.
> It is a great car for someone who can put a little TLC into it.  I would 
> be
> more than happy to have you come and look at it.
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