'90 V8Q found in u-pull it yard in east PA - Also one in southern Mass.

TWFAUST at aol.com TWFAUST at aol.com
Sun Jan 30 01:04:48 EST 2005

Not being sly about location, but I would have to look up the name. I noticed 
it while grabbing a limited slip for my Dodge (those are so scarce in junk 
yards that they make JY V-8's look common). Anyway, I looked it over and thought 
it looked pretty straight. It isn't there for any obvious reason. I grabbed 
the taillights for a friend. If anyone is seriously interested contact me off 
list, I'll see if I can find the name. Not a big yard, also had a 16V Scirocco 
or two. I looked those over because I have one. I'll be going back for the 
intakes when the weather clears a bit.

Tom Faust

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