UrS4 issues

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 30 09:16:59 EST 2005


Sounds like you are talking about the X-plug on the hydraulic pump. You can
buy a new plug and o-ring from the dealer - it's quite cheap. You may need a
modified drag link socket and a hand-held impact screwdriver to get the old
plug out. This is a common problem - I replaced mine last year and it sealed
up OK.

The back left corner is a common area for a valve cover gasket leak. Are you
sure it's the head gasket? The valve cover gasket is easily replaced - I've
done two on my car in the 150,000 km I've put on it.


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Hi folks

just would like some opinion on 2 outstanding items on the to do list.

1. I have a minor leak out of the pas pump from one of these big cross
headed screws, can you get the seals for these???

2. minor oil weep from what i think is the headgasket right at the back of
the engine on the left hand corner as you look at it. major issue or not????



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