Update:4kq alternator / charging system problems

William Perron w_perron at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 17:23:55 EST 2005

Problem solved:
After posting I did a bit more diagnostic work.  With
the blue wire hooked to the altenrator I would get no
"batt" light---but the oil pressure indicator would
light and the warning buzzer would sound.

I grounded the blue wire (per the Bentley) and the
"batt" light would come on, and all the other warning
lites were normal=======> Bad alternator

Replaced Alternator and all is well. 

As a note - sometime in '86 they changed the
alternator and its mounting to the "toothed style"
adjuster.  Only alternator I could get quickly was an
'87 style set up for the toothed adjuster.  Luckily
the spare (dead)alternator I had used the toothed
adjuster and bracket so I swapped over to this.

After all this, I made it too my emissions test but
failed it unfortunately--too be covered in a later

-Bill Perron
'85 4kq

Original Email:
>Patient - 1985 4000 quattro
>Drove around in Saturday's snow, when I returned I
>parked the car in a garage.  Started it up monday
>evening to find a dimly lit battery/seatbelt/other
>warning lights--noticed from voltmeter that the
>alternator was not charging.
>Steps taken so far:
>1.  Decided problem was voltage regulator.  Went to
>remove VR, but broke off rusty  screws.
>2.Changed out alternator for spare I had around
>Current Symptoms
>1. ignition  "on" position,  no "batt" light is
>2.  Oil warning buzzer is now sounding, and light is
>3.  Normal coolant, OXS lights are not illuminated
>4.  alternator does not charge w/ engine running
>Troubleshooting so far:
>1.  Checked for battery voltage at positive terminal
>on alternator--battery voltage exists
>2.  Checked "batt" bulb for resistance -- bulb is
>3.  Checked for 12v at blue excitor wire post on
>alternator with ignition "ON" -- 12 v exists w/
>ignition on .
>4.  Checked to see if alternator case is grounded by
>measuring voltage between + alternator post and case
>-- case is grounded
>5.  Just for kicks - swapped in regulator from old
>alternator -- no change in symptoms.
>Next steps:
>I think I need to replace the alternator or voltage
>regulator, but I just want to make sure that
>else is not messed up -- especially since the oil
>warning buzzer/light is now sounding/illuminating,
>the OXS, and coolant lights do not  light up anymore
>when the key is turned to "ON" before the engine is
>Any help appreciated as I need to get this working by
>Sat AM to go to the emissions test...

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