Audi post mortems

george mills gamills1 at
Mon Jan 31 18:45:36 EST 2005

My 87 5kq bit the dust about a year ago. I owned it for about seven 
years and did a whack of work to it as some here may remember. In the 
end I was looking at two rear calipers, rotors, replacing rear brake 
lines (second time around), front struts were gonzo, front windshield 
needed replacement, left front fender had a hole at the top of the wheel 
arch...I'll stop there. I figured I'd done my part and someone else 
should take over. No takers for a grand. Someone bought it for $300. All 
he wanted was the power steering pump. I told him "that's the original 
part bud." ;) As far as I know it's sitting in a field somewhere waiting 
  for spring so more buzzards can descend.

All the best. You're definitely a dedicated bunch.


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