Intermittent Window/Sunroof Problem

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Fri Jul 1 00:55:11 EDT 2005

Driver's door jamb!  The key is there..................
Power grounds, dasiy chained electricalls in the door jamb.

IF drivers' works so does Sunroof.
If the switches don't light up, they don't have power!
Rears are AFTER the passenger side in the daisy chain of power

thicker wires carry the juice at the BEGINNING of the daisy 

ALSO its not shorting 12V to the door, these leads are common 

shorting them to the metal of the door jamb makes them WORK!!!!!!!!!!

try opening the door 1/2 inch at a time and see if the passenger, sunroof or 
others work...........its your last chance to get the window up before you get 

-Scott by BOSTON

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> '89 Audi 100
> The windows and sunroof intermittently will not work.  I've looked for a 
> loose ground but couldn't find one but did find a relay (or what's labeled a 
> Window Control Module) under the knee bolser to the left of the steering column.
> Has anyone else had this problem?  If so how did you resolve it?  (if at 
> all) 
> I'm reluctant to just replace that relay/module, the only place I could find 
> one at the dealer for $207. 
> Jacque Hendrix

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