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Hey Keith, I, too, got a set of Euros from IV and they cam with large
holes in the cases. I assume they are for the wiring harness but there
are no grommets included.  Did yours come with grommets? If not, where
did you get yours or what did you use?

Chris Perry

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I posted to the list several mos ago regarding an issue I had with one
of my euros from IV.  Specifically, the driver's lamp would simply not
aim properly.  As best I could tell the reflector was not swinging
enough within the housing.  I removed the lamp from the car and
carefully watched the adjusters, and even removed the vertical adjuster
and swung the reflector by hand, but the light would simply not aim high
enough.  The passenger side is fine, no such issue.

I did not dis-assemble the lamp because I don't feel I should have to
open up a new product to make it work as it should have in the first
place, and not knowing how IV would approach the problem I didn't want
to risk breaking the lens, making the problem worse, or leading IV to
believe I actually caused the problem when I decided to open the lamp on
a whim.

After a few emails and a general attempt to ignore me, IV did finally
make good and send me a new lamp.  I was not requesting a new lamp
outright, I would have gladly returned this one to them.  So in the end
I'd say IV is a stand-up company, at least IME.  FYI

In the meantime I made due by drilling new holes for the upper mounts of
the defective euro and tipping the entire lamp further back to get it to
aim high enough.  This sure looks funny as the lens tucks under the
hood, doesn't match the slope of the grille and the side marker doesn't
fit very well.  Now if I can just find time to install the

Keith L

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