Starter Replacement on a 5kq

Enzeder enzeder at
Sun Jul 3 08:58:09 EDT 2005

Depends on the problem I suppose.  My starter would click (solenoid 
working), but not spin, so I replaced the brushes which was remarkably 
easy. Haven't had a problem since.  I'm not sure how much the brushes cost 
as Dad had them laying around from his days of 5k ownership.

This was after replacing the starter with one from a junkyard a few years 
earlier (2-3 years maybe).  The same problem arose with the junkyard 
starter.  I was lucky that the starter quit in my driveway.

Side note: make sure you get the correct upper bolt.  I reached it by going 
from the top (moving the washer bottle out of the way), and the first bolt 
I tried was one bolt too high.

At 05:54 PM 7/2/2005, Lokkju wrote:
>ug, okay, no wonder I was having problems trying to get it - I though
>it was above the starter, on the starter side of the housing.  On
>another note, how risky is it to replace my current starter with one
>from a junk yard ($25) versus a rebuilt one ($120)?
>On 7/2/05, Kneale Brownson <kneale at> wrote:
> > The hole in the starter is threaded for the top bolt.  It goes through the
> > bell housing from the rear into the starter.  It's the next hex head up
> > from the bottom starter bolt.

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