NAC!! Infiniti and beyond...

c dyer cdyer_2000 at
Sun Jul 3 10:59:00 EDT 2005

Anyone have experience with 1st gen. Infiniti q45?

My dad used to work for them and raved--he being a
major pro-euro/anti-asian car nerd. These cars are now
priced in ol' audi land.


Mandatory AC: thanks all who suggested my '87 5ktq's
fan switch was kaput. It was, and I was out the door
for virtually nuthin'!

Non-mandatory oil monkey content: oil monkeys told me
replace the coolant (I did it 2 days ago after the
boil over!!) cuz, um, duh, der, it was kinda boiling
and stuff. Um, no, if it was there'd be steam all
over, you commission-based ding-a-ling. That's the
afterrun pump circulating coolant---AAAAAAAHHHHHH
Calgon take me away! My usual response: just change
the oil, thanks. They hate me.

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