UPDATE #2 Re: Misfire on cyl. 2

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Jul 6 01:13:21 EDT 2005

On Jul 6, 2005, at 1:00 AM, Richard J Lebens wrote:

> Does a NF engine have electronic fuel injection.  I ask because those
> symptoms sound like what happened to my 20 valve when an injector  
> stuck
> open.

Only the 20v variants of the 5-cylinder were EFI.

Huw suggested a while back that it could be a stuck/leaking  
injector.  That was my first thought too- and since Doug can't find  
anything wrong ignition-wise, I think that's where efforts would be  
best spent at this point.

I suppose one could try a bottle of injector cleaner in the ol' tank,  
but I'd just pull two injectors like Huw suggested originally, and  
swap them.  If the 'bad cylinder" does move, consider replacing all 5  
injectors.  If one is that tired, chances are they all are, and you  
may get a nice improvement in mileage and drop in emissions; not to  
mention mixture will be screwed up if the injectors are not  
performing equally, which they won't, if one is brand new.  If you're  
in a real pinch, I think you can remove the injectors, and try  
soaking them in pure injector cleaner.  I'm not sure how one would  
back-flush the injectors, if it's even possible.

Also- BEFORE you install any new injectors or clean them, install a  
new fuel filter.  Don't forget to bleed off excess fuel system  
pressure (easy way- remove the fuel tank cap, and then apply a strong  
vacuum to the fuel pressure regulator.  Still, crack loose that first  
banjo bolt VERY carefully!)  Then FILL the filter BEFORE  
installation; the force of the CIS pump can rip a dry  
filter...serious bad news. Lastly, use new crush washers- this is - 

I would not drive the vehicle any more than absolutely necessary,  
given the raw gas will severely overheat the catalytic converter, and  
the unburned gas is probably washing down the cylinder's oil  
coating.  Not good.

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