Intermittent Window/Sunroof Problem

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Jul 6 01:32:35 EDT 2005

> '89 Audi 100
> The windows and sunroof intermittently will not work.  I've looked
> for a loose ground but couldn't find one but did find a relay (or
> what's labeled a Window Control Module) under the knee bolser to the
> left of the steering column.

Watch out, there are two control modules - one supplies power to the 
sunroof and windows from key-on to door-open.  The other provides the 
one-touch-down feature on the drivers window.

It's either going to be that first unit, or a wire problem in the door 
jamb (but does sunroof power go in and out of the driver's door?  I 
don't think so...)

Even if it is the control module, I'd pull back the door boot anyway 
just for a look-see.

Huw Powell

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