UPDATE #2 Re: Misfire on cyl. 2

Patrick Austin tm2 at zipcon.net
Wed Jul 6 12:01:01 EDT 2005


To make sure it is not an injector problem switch injectors with another
To also eleminate a wire or a plug problem replace with old plug wire and
plug.  Are you sure
you have all the plug wires to the right plugs?

Kirkland, WA

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Ok, after some experience driving this weekend, the car (1991 100, 2.3l
NF engine) is still running very poorly.  Significant loss of power
(lose ~5mph going up hills on the freeway, can't accelerate) and fuel
economy (~12 MPG!), and rough running - seems like cylinder #2 isn't
firing, unplugging its spark plug wire doesn't change the idle.

After about 300 miles since the new spark plugs were installed, I pulled

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