Front wheel bearing replacement

Roa, Greg Greg.Roa at Cinergy.COM
Thu Jul 7 14:49:55 EDT 2005

HF also sells a front wheel bearing replacement toolkit (works for both
front and rear on quattros).  It's a bit more expensive than the ball
joint kit, but it worked quite well on my 5ktq and should work well on a
4kq.  It's also a lot less expensive than the hubshark kit.

I also used a bearing separator to pull the old inner race off of the
hub.  They have those for cheap too.

A search of the archives revealed some good tips and tricks for doing
this when I was preparing for mine.

In looking closer I notice you're in the UK, so I don't know if you
could find a source for a similar too.

Good Luck!
Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
86' 4kcsq
87' 5kcstq
00' Jetta TDI
83' 944

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>With the right cups/receivers you can do an awful lot with the $30 or
$50 Harbor Freight ball joint >press (yes I know supporting China is
evil etc etc), but admittedly I've never done wheel bearings >on an Audi
with it.  And it can get quite cumbersome, quickly becoming a 2 person
job to hold the >>cups in place until you tighten down the press.  I've
done all sorts of various projects with the >>ball joint press tho,
handy tool to have regardless.  
>It likely doesn't have enough depth to even come close to being able to
do the wheel bearings now >that I *really* think about it......>
>I just got a 50T shop press tho (also from HF), so there's not much I
can't press at this point.  >Of course I seem to just use it to flatten
pennies..............simple minds, simple pleasures.
>Keith L
>>>> Kneale Brownson <kneale at> 7/6/2005 4:30 PM >>>
>You need a press or some extraction device like a HubShark
>   or the homemade
>version like Huw's  bushings tools
>    Heat would ruin
>bearing and you need to PRESS the new one back in.

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