5000 turbo Quattro - Steering Wheel Horn contact

Patrick Austin tm2 at zipcon.net
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The trick is to loosen multi-function column switch assembly
and slide it out closer to the steering wheel.  There is a
hole under the assembly where you insert a philips screwdriver
and loosen the ring. The screw can only be loosened when the screwdriver
is inserted in at a angle.

Hope this helps

Kirkland, WA

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This is not the first time I've encountered this one and have had this hapen
on other 5000 turbo quattros, and not sure what I did to get the wheel back
on properly..  The horn was not working as wheel had been removed before,
probably to replace the multi-function column switch.

For some reason the steering wheel does not go in far engough to have the
spring loaded pin touch the contact ring.  I can push the wheel in but there
is a spring loaded conical washer that pushes it right back out again.  I
assume that the spring loaded washer keeps the steering column from sliding
out.  There is about a 1/4" gap between the pin and the ring when it is like
this, even though the nut that holds the wheel on seems to thread all the
way down, but maybe not.

Anyway, the wheel does not go all the way in engough to make contact. What
is the trick?


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