'97 A8 4.2L oil change

Britt Crowell Britt at BrittCrowell.com
Tue Jul 12 12:13:43 EDT 2005

Well I need to drive my new A8 to AL fro CO this week to finish the move. I kinda looked under the car for the oil filter to do it myself but im just super busy. Has anyone had any luck with any of the quick chang places? my GF likes to take her car to the local super WallyWorld (walmart) and gets a full Syn Mobile One changed done for about $42. I know the A8 takes 8qts. so it will be a little pricer, but I just dont have the time to do it myself right now. any BTDTs? Its my first change since I've had her and I just need to get it done quick. Is it hard to find oil filers for the 4.2L?

Thanks for any info

PS got the 88 5000 tq to Bama no prob, except some where in MO the trailer ended up with 4 new tires. She'll be ready to tear up some dirt roads soon! :-)

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