'97 A8 4.2L oil change

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Tue Jul 12 15:54:11 EDT 2005

The main thing to watch with these joints is that #1 they don't use a
pneumatic wrench on the drain bolt and #2 they don't overtorque the same
bolt.  On the 3.6 V8s, that drain bolt is an allen head type so they
probably wouldn't have a pneumatic to screw it up with.  The other thing is
that you should have an Audi OEM-type oil filter, which you could buy at
the dealer and take it to the quickie place.

At 02:24 PM 7/12/2005 -0400, Kent McLean wrote:
>Britt Crowell wrote:
>> Has anyone had any luck with any of the quick chang places?
>When I was taking my new-to-me '94 100 S Avant from NH to SC,
>and didn't have time to change the oil, I took it to the "best
>oil change in town" as voted by some newspaper or magazine poll.
>It was a Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Concord NH.
>The process -- no appointment necessary, drive in over a pit,
>technicians up at car level, monkey lad in pit below car.  You
>have a choice of oils (regular, high-mileage?, and synth), they
>checked fluids, they tried to upsell things (pvc valve, etc),
>but they did show me the oil on the dipstick when they finished
>(to prove they didn't forget to put in the oil). They also had
>me run the engine for a minute, shut down, and checked the oil
>Not rocket science, but I felt confident in the oil change.
>I've used them since then, too.
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