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Mark R speedracer.mark at
Fri Jul 15 11:26:37 EDT 2005

For small leaks they can work.  If you're planning on keeping the car
a *long* time, best to replace the components as the sealants
(multiple fills over time) aren't necessarily good for the compressor.
 I reguarly use R-134a with sealant when topping off or replacing
components in older cars.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On 7/15/05, SuffolkD at <SuffolkD at> wrote:
> Help with AC sealant:
> "Hi, I came across your name through,  when I was doing a search
> on A/C evaporator leaks.  My mechanic says the leak seems slow and is
> possibly coming from the evaporator.  Replacing the evaporator is expensive, so do
> you know anything about sealants?  There is this sealant called Super Seal
> Premium by Cliplight.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,  Thanks.
> Elisabeth."
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