CV boot fix on 5kcstq

Keith Lawyer lawyerkg at
Sun Jul 17 19:49:26 EDT 2005

I got the 12 point tool at Autozone years ago (came in a pack of 4 different sizes).  I just did the driver's front boot on my 4k and it was easier to come in from the wheelwell (wheel removed of course) with a long extension and a wobble (slide a socket over the hex bit).  But I can't recall if the Type 44 will allow this, it's been awhile.

I'd just replace the boot, it's cheaper and not hard.

I use red loctite (shrug).  If the car explodes I'll post up LOL

Keith L

>>> barry <barry at> 07/16/05 9:14 PM >>>
So is it an easier job to replace the half-shaft than the boot alone?  
The boot I got from Checker isn't the "split" kind so it looks like you 
have to take a lot of stuff apart to get it on there.

I got a complete passenger side axle then, thinking that would be the 
easier way out.  Now that I have some of the gunk cleaned off the 
tranny, I see the manufacturer has seen fit to bestow upon us shade-tree 
mechanic types yet another wonderful kind of fastener for which it will 
be our privilege to purchase a whole new complement of tools.  I know, I 
know, they weren't thinking about us when they designed the damn thing.

So which is easier to replace, just the boot or go for the whole shaft?  
If the axle replacement's the way to go, where can I get some of these 
fancy-shmancy wrenches to take the thing off?

Thanks, you guys are aces!

PS  The Bentley says to use "locking compound D6" on the outer thread 
end.  What does that translate to in terms of the stuff I can get at my 
FLAPS?  Can I use the blue medium strength stuff or high strength red 
stuff or do I need something else entirely?

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