Spy photographers : myth or reality ?

Cody Forbes cody at 500tq.com
Mon Jul 18 19:37:43 EDT 2005

I once was at Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon, 319 corners in 11 miles up a 
mountain pass) on the NC/TN border with a video camera in my "fast" 5ktq 
doing some passes and had a line of 3 full camo test cars pull up behind me, 
so I filmed them for a bit, then let them pass me and filmed from behind for 
a bit. At one point I think they tried to get away from me because they sped 
up to some very illegal speeds, but I had a major power advantage so thier 
attempt at escaping the camera didn't go to well. At one point one of them 
peeled off and did a U-turn, and I followed, then when he tried to get 
another quick U-turn I made my way drivers-side to drivers-side and very 
visably shut the camera off and started asking questions. Didn't get any 
answers, other then "Sorry, no." when I asked "Can you tell me what it is? 
How about just the Make? Not even the expected production date?".

>From the grill and taillight design I was guessing it was the new 
Skyline-esque Infinity that should be entering the market soon, and this was 
last....November maybe. I still have the footage on 8mm, but no way to 
digitise it (maybe I could mail the tapes to any interested parties for 
digitising? Footage includes a race between my 5ktq and a Viper!). All of 
them had blue Michigan plates that said "Manufacturer" where normal plates 
have the country name.

At the time it happened I should have sent some stills to some various 
magazines with my copywrite info on them, but I never thought of it. Oh 
well, it was still an swesome experiance.

-Cody Forbes
'86 5ktq
'86 5ktq
'86 5k-t-q
'87 5ktq - Fast.

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