Spy photographers : myth or reality ?

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You send a Hi-8 or 8mm copy of it and I can digitize it to DVD for you.
Then I can even backwards format it to MPEG-2 so it can be played on Windows 
Media Player with updated Codecs........

The files would be far too big for me to host it, but you could copy the DVD 
on your computer.........
-Scott by BOSTON

My Avant is on the killboy.com site over memorial day weekend Sat.2005
Dragon rules.

> From: "Cody Forbes" <cody at 500tq.com>
> I once was at Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon, 319 corners in 11 miles up a 
> mountain pass) on the NC/TN border with a video camera in my "fast" 5ktq 
> doing some passes and had a line of 3 full camo test cars pull up behind me, 

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