Speedo reading low?!?

Doug Yoder yoderw at msoe.edu
Tue Jul 19 14:04:05 EDT 2005

Michael McLaughlin wrote:
> Next time I
> come across a speedometer check area on the freeway I'm going to time it.

Those things are at least as inaccurate as your speedo.  Get a passenger
with a stopwatch, set cruise on the freeway, and time the mile markers.
 Take several (10+) measurements, and average them to account for
stopwatch error and signpost installer error.  At least measure when
cruising at your normal speed.  Preferably, take several passes at
different speeds (45, 55, 65, 75?), as your speedo may be 5mph off at
one speed, but only 3mph off at another (usually it is a % error).

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