CV boot fix on 5kcstq

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Wed Jul 20 17:24:22 EDT 2005

Thanks for the responses, everyone... I was leaning in the direction of just 
replacing the whole shaft assembly as well.  I returned the unused boot, and 
was able to find a 4-pack assortment of the 12-point wrenches at Otter-zone.

I'll try tackling the job this weekend... Just hope I know what I'm getting 

Maybe this is a good time to dig into the dash too and see if I can find out 
why my boost reading is stuck at 0.0, when I'm actually still getting boost 
(checked with a spare gauge).

Thanks again

Quoting George Selby <gselby4x4 at>:

> At 10:43 PM 7/18/05, you wrote:
> >I've paid to have it done once or twice, and, in my faulty
> >memory, the cost is just about the same.  In fact, the last time I had one
> >go bad, the wrench, whom I respect, recommended replacing the half shaft as
> >opposed to fixing the boot.  Labor is more on the boot.
> The only time I would replace a boot rather than the whole shaft would be 
> when shafts are unavailable (such as my 86 300ZX) or prohibitively 
> expensive (such as on my 89 80.)
> George Selby 
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