5kt dr. side door lock

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You probably just need the plastic ball and socket thingamabob that screws
on the rod end.  Be thankful this didn't happen on the newer 200's as much
more of a PITA to repair.

Best bet is to remove the door panel and find out what needs repair and then
get several of them from the dealer.  Cheap and good insurance to keep on

Since this reply is so belated, you have probably already fixed it


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'87 5ktq dr. side door lock: I turned to lock, then
"oops, need something!" and quickly turned opposite
direction to unlock. I heard a small *snap*. Similar
snap to when I sprained my ankle...

Anyway, now lock cylinder just turns left/right w/no
"contact", hence doesn't lock/unlock. As my brother
would say, "Good job, genius."

Do I need new lock cylinder? Entire door handle?

PS: thanks for the front suspension binding
recommendations. Turned out it was just a control arm
bushing, car now feels "audi tight".

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