Need Advice ASAP *******

Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at
Fri Jul 22 14:20:08 EDT 2005

I had a problem with my car in Phoenix, which about 2.5 hours away. 
Having just lost my drivers license/credit I didn't have 
license/credit cards with me and about $100 cash.   My car started to 
over heat and it just wouldn't seem to cool down very well.   I 
called my husband to come and pick me up, as I wanted to leave it at 
the Audi dealership which was just a few miles away.    He refused 
and told me to drive home, and no matter how much water I kept adding 
and how many times I stopped to let the car cool off--it took me from 
9 p.m. to 5 p.m. to make a two hour drive.   The dealership just 
called me and said that coolant gets in the pistons after sitting 
overnight, etc.,

I really love this car and with back surgery is the most comfortable 
car for me to drive.   So of course I cried for an hour when I got 
the news from the dealership that it will be not $2,200 to fix, as 
originally thought, but $6,000 or more!!!   I don't know what to do 
at     I would like to fix the car and am wondering whether putting a 
used motor in it would be a reasonable choice??

Or just take the seats out and try to find another Audi.   Or forget 
that and just get another car of any sort for now and look for 
something else later.

I absolutely have to have a car with working AC that is half way 
comfortable as I am a realtor.  The worst part is that I don't have 
my first closing until sometime in August.    So we are in a position 
that we are going to have to borrow the funds.    So no  alternative 
looks good at this point.

Suggestions would be most appreciated.


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