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Max Wellhouse maxjoyce at
Fri Jul 22 15:40:17 EDT 2005

We've got a blue metallic 100CSQuattro Wagon automatic(4 speed) with 
the Audi Bose sound, 3rd seat in back and the AC blows way 
cold.  Both front seats have the lumbar support adjustment and are 
real comfy on those 7 hour drives to Wisconsin.  150k on the odo. 
interior is near perfect  Exterior is nearly that good.  New michelin 
Hydro Edges recently and new front rotors and pads and tie rod 
ends.  Only problem is the car is in Iowa.  We could talk price if 
needed.  Could use two new O2 sensors, but that's a small 
detail.  Gets 28 mpg on the road.  Reason for the sale?  My 17 year 
old son has 4 ring fever, but he doesn't want to spend his Senior 
year in a station wagon and has his eye on an 83 CGT locally.  It 
WILL need cam belts at 160k.

There's also a really nice91 Red  Audi 90 20 valve here in town with 
Borbets, Kumhos, Eclipse/PPI sound, K and N filter.1800 bucks worth 
of head work done at 100k  Uses no oil and has the rear SS Stebro 
exhaust mid muffler is regular steel.  His bottom dollar is $3k and 
that's a steal in my estimation.  Has set of steel wheels and winter 
tires that goes with it.

I could send photos if needed.  Will have the brakes done in a day or 
two.  The new tie rod ends go with the car, if you'd like to have 
your mechanic put them on and align at the same time.


At 02:05 PM 7/22/2005, LL - NY wrote:
>I would not recommend sinking an additional $6K let alone $2200 into
>the old 200, she has served you well. Although I rather hesistate to
>go this route (they're also getting old), I'd recommend looking for
>an Audi 100CS/A6  (1992 through '96) V6 automatic. They're actually
>much more reliable, have essentially the same seats and more up
>to date amenities to your 200. The only issue is the newest of them
>is now 10 model years old, although that will hold their price (way) down.
>That does hurt in a way, as you'll have a tough time securing a loan for
>a 10 year old car. Have the car throughly checked out before buying it,
>however, your husband will thank you.
>Best of luck to you,
>LL - NY
>On 7/22/05, subscriptions <subscriptions at> wrote:
> > I feel for you.  But what to do depends on several factors which you
> > have to evaluate.
> >
> > What model and how old it is ?
> > In this state you would not get much $$ for it, however if you try to
> > find a good mechanic (recommended by several experienced people) in your
> > area and a used engine you might be able to do it perhaps for $2000
> > depending on the cost of the engine.  EX: if the engine is an old 5 cyl.
> >
> > If the cost ends up being much more than the value of your car (in good
> > shape) it's probably not worth repairing.  I say much more because if
> > you do get a used car, it's not going to be perfect, unless you are very
> > very lucky!  So most probably you will have to spend a bit to get it
> > ship shape.
> >
> > Most important is to get a way from the dealership and to find a
> > reliable and trustworthy mechanic.  I know those mechanics are hard to
> > find but the are out there.
> >
> > What area are you in?
> >
> > If you do not get any advice regarding a good mechanic from this list
> > try in their forums.  AudiWorld has some area related
> > forums but most people hang out in the model/category of the car they own.
> >
> > Good luck.
> >
> > Cat ^. .^ ~ wrote:
> >
> > > I had a problem with my car in Phoenix, which about 2.5 hours away.
> > > Having just lost my drivers license/credit I didn't have
> > > license/credit cards with me and about $100 cash.   My car started to
> > > over heat and it just wouldn't seem to cool down very well.   I called
> > > my husband to come and pick me up, as I wanted to leave it at the Audi
> > > dealership which was just a few miles away.    He refused and told me
> > > to drive home, and no matter how much water I kept adding and how many
> > > times I stopped to let the car cool off--it took me from 9 p.m. to 5
> > > p.m. to make a two hour drive.   The dealership just called me and
> > > said that coolant gets in the pistons after sitting overnight, etc.,
> > >
> > > I really love this car and with back surgery is the most comfortable
> > > car for me to drive.   So of course I cried for an hour when I got the
> > > news from the dealership that it will be not $2,200 to fix, as
> > > originally thought, but $6,000 or more!!!   I don't know what to do
> > > at     I would like to fix the car and am wondering whether putting a
> > > used motor in it would be a reasonable choice??
> > >
> > > Or just take the seats out and try to find another Audi.   Or forget
> > > that and just get another car of any sort for now and look for
> > > something else later.
> > >
> > > I absolutely have to have a car with working AC that is half way
> > > comfortable as I am a realtor.  The worst part is that I don't have my
> > > first closing until sometime in August.    So we are in a position
> > > that we are going to have to borrow the funds.    So no  alternative
> > > looks good at this point.
> > >
> > > Suggestions would be most appreciated.
> > >
> > >
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