Installed oil pressure gauge -- sludge problem

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Sun Jul 24 12:04:04 EDT 2005

Sorry to barge in so late in thread, maybe already suggested, but oil 
pressure relief valve could be the culprit of the pressure drop. The 
valve an the seat should be cleaned, made sure it sits properly by 
slightly tapping on it, and even a washer could be placed underneath the 
spring, for more preload. See if that makes any difference.


Arthur Marks wrote:

>Anyone tired of this yet? I know I am. 
>1300 miles since the oil change and now my pressure won't get above 30 psi (2 bar). I guess the filter is getting clogged.
>Sludgy piece o' sheet: B6 A4 1.8T Q w/ 41,000 miles
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>  Readings I got on the first test drive:
>  20 psi @ idle; 45 psi @ 2000 rpm 
>  (Bentley CD says 19 psi @ idle; 50-65 psi @ 2000 rpm). 
>  It gets to about 70 psi during hard acceleration.
>  I'm thinking the 45 is close enough. Anything to worry about? -- This car had its oil pump replaced at 25k miles and has had oil light warnings since. I'm thinking that now with the proper oil, filter and interval specs the sludge problem has been reduced to one where the sludge is gradually being cleaned up and is clogging the filter. The dealer has my next oil change interval at 2000 miles.
>  --Art
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